Full Foam Body Wash + Under Body Cleaning + Interior Cleaning + Tyre Polishing all for just @ 199/ @ AUTOZ PARLOUR, Near HDFC Bank, Chandranagar

  • Vendor Autoz Parlour
  • Category Automotive
  • Valid Expired


manufacturer : Autoz Parlour

Autoz Parlour


12/492, Chandranagar, Near HDFC Bank, NH47, Palakkad

Contact Number:

For all deal related enquiries, Contact on: 7025139386

Print voucher mandatory
Prior reservation mandatory.
Merchant solely decides on appointment timings.
Multiple vouchers can be purchased.
Timings: 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM, Monday to Saturday.
Not valid on commercial vehicles like trucks, lorries etc.
Voucher expires on 31st July 2018.
No refunds applicable on used and unused vouchers.

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